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Hardwood FlooringI was standing in my balcony and enjoying the cool breeze and setting sun in the evening one day, when my glance fell on the small children who had put on their roller skates and trying to zoom past the curious onlookers on the tar road. In their attempt to skate freely, they fell a number of times on the hard metal road and in the process bruised their knees and elbows. They were then not allowed to go on the main road for the fear of accidents. Their joy of skating proved short lived.

I felt the genuine need to do something for the children. Look for a safe place, where the children could play without getting hurt. In the subsequent committee meeting of the Colony's Welfare Association, I mooted the idea of earmarking a small playing area exclusively for the children in the concrete jungle. Frantic discussions followed. Some members spoke for and some against the idea. With little persuasion, everybody consented. Scouting for an appropriate place had begun. An elderly gentleman had kindly consented to donate the outhouse attached to his residence and was not in use, to the association for the purpose.

A little remodeling work had however to be undertaken. A modest budget was decided upon. Detailed discussions were held about the type of flooring to be gone in for. Everybody unanimously consented for hardwood flooring because of its distinct advantages such as ease of maintenance, durability, and safety of the children from protection against accidents, and allergy-causing dust and pollens.

A hardwood sales company was then contacted which could service the requirements within our modest budget. After going through several hardwood sales websites, two hardwood sales companies were identified which were located near our colony. Committee members visited these hardwood sales companies and negotiated the detailed terms to firm up the final contracted price. Hardwood Sales Pvt Ltd was finally chosen for order placement for installation of the hardwood flooring at a little over half the budgeted cost.

Hardwood Sales company representatives came and installed the classy and elegant hardwood floor, after the entire area had been thoroughly cleaned. Lo! The skating rink was ready. It was a treat to watch our dream come true!

In the evening a grand gala opening ceremony was conducted by the elderly gentleman who was the owner of the house. Children came dressed in their best attires and with their roller skates on. They enjoyed merrily skating on the hardwood floor. Seeing the children jumping, shouting, enjoying and the happy faces of the elderly couple, we felt a deep sense of satisfaction that our efforts had finally bore fruit!

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