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If You Are Looking to Find a Hardwood Sale, Look no Further!

Hardwood FlooringBeginning of yet another week, but I cannot wait long enough for the first hardwood sale in the neighborhood. I am excited at the mere thought of the flooring of my room being done up before the week-end. Inauguration of my dancing training school is on the cards.

I had had a long discussion with my Dad and Mom about various aspects of my new venture. We chose to name it, the "Venus Dance Academy", and VDA for short. Dancing and Flooring are two entities, married to one another, I mused. One cannot do without the other. I needed clientele for VDA. I decided that the floor should neither be very coarse to make dancing a curse; it should not be very smooth either, lest a beginner should slip and fall at the very first attempt and run away from dancing.

I pestered my Mom to accompany me to the nearest hardwood sale for appraising ourselves about furnishing VDA. She agreed grudgingly. We walked down to the Elegant Timber Mart, where there was a bill board on display with the caption: If you are looking to find a hardwood sale, look no further! The sales guy was an amiable person, who rattled out the various types and sizes of hardwood sale items which were available with them for off-the-shelf home delivery. He spoke with confidence about their textures as well, like antique, glossy, semi-glossy, grainy etc. My Mom looked at me questioningly, after the guy had finished his sales talk. I too gazed at my Mom with a equally puzzled look. To buy time, we asked the salesperson to get us the brochures of the hardwood sale materials. It did not take us long to firm up on dark brown, Burma teak, 6" X 6", grainy structured stock out of the hardwood sale materials. We asked for a take-home-cut piece sample which was given immediately. Our request for overall assessment of the total quantity of the material ordered by actual measurement at our residence was also immediately acceded. My joy knew no bounds when my Dad too gave his thumbs up on seeing the sample of the choice made.

Hardwood sale materials being readily available in the vicinity of my residence proved to be a big boon. Within a day, the entire flooring work was completed. I took some time off in the evening the next day to complete the interior decoration.

Voila! It is Saturday and here I am, ready to dance away to glory for inauguration of my baby – the "Venus Dance Academy"!

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Hardwood Flooring Samples

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