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Hardwood FlooringI had taken upon myself to find discount hardwood flooring, come what may! It was in the summer months that I had decided to assign this task for myself (my husband being quite useless and helpless where things related to interior design were concerned). But it seemed so difficult! I had done a thorough research regarding places that were offering discounts and the various types of discounts on different flooring patterns and found this one place in Connor Street which seemed to serve my purpose. I specifically wanted a parquet floor and I was a little worried it wasn’t a part of their discount hardwood flooring section. But to my great delight, I found that not only did they have the custom flooring of my choice but all the colors that were present were very pretty, exactly the kind I wanted in my house. I was extremely excited and when the salesman came towards me, I rattled away about the specifications I was looking for, the colors I thought would look best in my house and the different designs that would go well with the overall mood of my house. The salesman looked amused and asked me if I would look in the regular section as there would be more options there. I insisted that I wanted only discount hardwood flooring and wouldn’t settle for anything else. He then took me into a hidden section at the back which was also part of the discount hardwood flooring section and pointed out more options to me in his quiet but helpful tone. I came away with a lot more options in that section that I had bargained for.

The next day, after having shown my husband everything that I had picked out (who nodded his head to everything I said and showed appreciation where required), I went back to the same store, to the section I liked best and confirmed what I required. The salesman again asked me, checked for the last time if I was sure I wanted to restrict myself to only the discount hardwood flooring and I assured him there was no better section. We decided on everything I wanted to pick out and he confirmed that work should begin very soon. I would soon be the mistress of a house installed with brand new, beautiful, discount hardwood flooring, exactly the way I like it. Even my husband couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how it changed the look of the house. I have discount hardwood flooring to thank!

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Hardwood Flooring Samples

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