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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors - an Exotic Way to Decorate Your Home!

Hardwood FlooringI have some pretty ordinary hardwood floors and over years of use and abuse it has become pretty dull, full of scratches, stained and chipped. I am looking to re-lay the flooring but also want something that will last. An interior decorator friend of mine advised me to get Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Apparently it is the latest thing in exotic wood flooring and everyone was scrambling to get it installed in their homes.

So, I looked it up and found out that though they are a bit more expensive than other hardwood flooring, Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors are hardy and durable and, with care, could last a lifetime. They are very strong and do not scratch or crack easily. Not only that, they apparently help in keeping molds and fungi at bay, and don’t collect dust like carpets so are a healthier option in homes that have young children or people with any kind of allergy. And, maintenance-wise, a water-based cleaner and a towel to dry it with is all that it takes. This, by the way, also helps in keeping the shine on it.

The beauty of Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors is that they can be used to decorate any kind of home, from the most ultra-modern urban ones to country and suburban ones. Besides the living area, Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors can also be used in most rooms of the house like kitchens, bedrooms, libraries, dining areas and so on. In the kitchen they will need a bit more maintenance because of the possibility of water and food falling on it, but installing them in bathrooms is a no-no, for obvious reasons.

Decorating-wise, my friend tells me, they help pull the furniture in a room together, giving it a look of sophistication and affluence. Since Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors, as the name would suggest, are reddish in color it would be best to paint the walls in pastel shades and use furniture made with the same wood. Soft furnishings should be bold and bright to accentuate the Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Rugs and pillows in earthy shades like rust, golden, greens and browns can be scattered around.

The great thing about installing Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors, my interior decorator friend tells me, is that besides giving my home an air of warmth and elegance, they will raise the value of my home on the market so it would be good little investment to make in the long run, should I ever opt to sell. The bottom-line is that Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors in your home will be your pride. And your neighbor’s envy! I think I will get rid of those pretty ordinary hardwood floors.

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