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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors will Give Your Home Some Flair

Hardwood FlooringMy neighbors had just finished renovating and were throwing a big party. After having to put up with all the din of hammers and buffers, dust and smell of paint over the last few months that’s the least they owe us! And sawdust. Red sawdust that had me vacuuming my home at least twice a day. I vaguely remembered my husband telling me that was because they were putting in new flooring… something about Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Well, all I knew was that the spread they put out had better compensate for all the cleaning I had done over the last three months!

I wondered if I’d really like what they did, or whether I’d have to put on a smile and mouth platitudes. Imagine my surprise when I walked in to find the home completely transformed. From a museum of tacky opulence it now had an understated elegance about it. I wondered what it was about it that was making it glow. As I pondered, twirling my champagne flute in my hand, I looked down. And my eyes widened in wonder. I was standing on the most beautiful flooring I had ever seen. Was this the Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors my husband was talking about? I must find out more.

I kept an eye out for a chance to buttonhole one or both my hosts. Eventually I managed to corner the Mrs. The house is looking great, I tell her, and the flooring is just beautiful. What is it? Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors, she tells me. Apparently it’s the newest thing: not only is it exotic but also lends an air of warmth and elegance to the home.

And maintenance, I ask. It’s going to take some doing. She agrees but adds that Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors are very strong, scratch-proof and crack-resistant. And all it takes is a water-based cleaner after which she uses a towel to dry it, and that helps with the shine too. Also, Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors have a roughish grain that keeps mold and fungus at bay. Price? Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors cost a bit more than other flooring but adds to the value of the home, she tells me. So should they ever sell, they would make a tidy little profit.

Not a bad investment, I think. I enjoy the rest of the evening and I bid them adieu – most reluctantly – looking lovingly at the flooring. Walking down the pathway, I turn to my husband. But he pre-empts me. Yes I know, he says. You want Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors too. Ah! How well he knows me!

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